The Dad Commandments

Dads are notorious for their special brand of unsolicited advice-giving, but writer Walker Lamond has one-upped them all. The man behind the internet-famous Rules For My Unborn Son blog has created a veritable encyclopedia of paternal wisdom. In honor of Father’s Day, Jack Spade and Walker each picked some of our favorite rules to live by. 

If you’re looking for more, make sure to pick up a copy of Walker Lemond’s Rules For My Unborn Son book. And don’t forget to tip your bathroom attendant.  

Trenchcoat Retail

Once upon a time, in a New York City not so dissimilar to this one, there was a special breed of shady character.

He wore a trenchcoat, and it was lined with everything from counterfeit watches to cigarettes without tax stamps. Whenever he wanted to open up shop, he just flashed the trench coat to whoever was passing by. It was a very mobile business model.

You saw him on Canal Street, in Times Square, and sometimes he’d pop up when you least expected it. This guy used to be all over New York. He was such a common character, he even made it onto Sesame Street. (And in the the video above!)

Today he’s as extinct as the guys who wash your windshield at stop lights, and men laying their jackets down in puddles.

Which is why this illustration in the new issue of NY Magazine caught our eye. Dustin Summers, one half of the Heads of State design house responsible, reminisces: “Seems like they’ve been replaced by the endless supply of knock offs on folding tables… I want to believe though, that the trenchcoat henchmen are behind both of these endeavors, maybe keeping the supply chain running, funneling fake rolexes from port to card table.”

They might be gone, but their legend lives on. And the trenchcoat is still the one of the most dapper ways to stay dry.

The Indiana Black Watch

Blaring bagpipes, clashing swords, and the rustling of kilts: These are the sounds of the 42nd Royal Highlanders of Lafayette, Indiana, America’s preeminent Scottish culture re-enactors.

The original 42nd Royal Highlanders were a legendary regiment of Scottish warriors that formed way back in the 1740s. They were known as the Black Watch, because of the same distinctive emerald tartan that inspired our Blackwatch Waxwear collection. In 1975, a bunch of guys in Indiana decided to bring their history back to life.

Today, Indiana’s Royal Highlanders travel the country performing traditional Scottish military songs and dances at revolutionary war reenactments. Their pipes, fifes, and drums have also graced many weddings, funerals, and basketball halftime shows. 

Live performance is only one part of what the 42nd Royal Highlanders are all about. They also eat haggis, host whiskey tastings, and play golf in the traditional Black Watch garb. Though Indiana is over 3,000 miles away from Scotland, the 42nd truly knows how to have a good time like it’s 18th century Aberfeldy.

All photos courtesy of the 42nd Royal Highlanders, of Lafayette, IN.

Charley Harper’s Golden Book of Biology

No science textbook is as beloved as The Giant Golden Book of Biology, illustrated by Charley Harper. Mixing facts with interpretative illustrations, the 1961 book has a cult following amongst designers including Todd Oldham. Charley Harper’s drawings make the history of life on Earth seem particularly witty and exciting. When it came to tricking kids into loving science, Harper was a trailblazer for edutainment geniuses like Bill Nye.

Photos via codex99

A short conversation with Tim Lahan

Tim Lahan is a New York-based artist and designer born and raised in central Pennsylvania. He operates as Trademark™ for both commercial and independent creative projects. In his spare time he enjoys eating, walking, and collecting stickers.

Tim recently illustrated our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and he was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us.

Name some strange things you recently saw on the Internet:

Which is your favorite Valentine’s Day chocolate? 

Anything dark with gooey stuff in the middle.

What is the best make out song?

Do you have any advice of what not to give on Valentine’s Day?

Gift cards.

Some more of Tim’s work: