JACK SPADE PRESS, a quarterly newspaper, began in the Spring of 2000. The newspaper was inspired by a collective list of our best liked newspaper columns.  Columns that took one idea and covered it without hyperbole or superfluous information—the police blotter or the article which simply conveyed an overheard conversation.  Our goal with JACK SPADE PRESS is to capture some of the appeal of those great newspapers and document them in one place.

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The Quest, Rory Evans
NEW YORK CITY 09.11.00

Dear Paul,

You know how little kids with back-road lemonade stands, when they finally see a car coming, will stand up and hold up their posterboard sign, and then inch toward the middle of the road, hollering louder, desperately brandishing the sign, all but throwing themselves in front of the car to make a twenty-five-cent sale? I recently got the Daughters of the American Revolution’s equivalent treatment when I stopped by the Delaware State Visitors Center in Dover - Delaware’s unpretentious capital city - to ask a couple of very basic questions about the Legislative Hall and the Old State House. The three elderly folks staffing the desk looked up at me and blinked a few times, as though they couldn’t believe their trifocals, and then this smile just came over one woman, like, “Hey y’all, we got a live one! A real visitor!”

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