Instructions For Road Trip


1) Vague plan

2) Old car

3) Luggage

4) Friendships [in various states of disrepair]

5) Tape deck adapter

6) Wrong turn

7) Small town

7) Motel

8) Cheap beer

9) Strangers

10) The Argument

11) The Disappearance

12) The Search 

13) The Reconciliation

14) Highways

15) “Road dogs”

16) The ocean at night

17) Arrival at destination.

Jack Spade Collections: Amateur Radio Calling Cards

Amateur radio calling cards are proof that outsider graphic design is the best. Artifacts from the world of ham radio, these postcards are still sent between amateur station operators to confirm radio transmissions. 

Jack Spade Collections: Vintage Baseball Gloves

Patina on a vintage baseball glove is a truly beautiful thing. The leather literally never stops breaking in! Also, there’s something kinda poetic about the fact that fathers and sons are supposed to bond by putting on these monstrous hand-shaped mitts that numb them from pain. 

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via the Vintage Baseball Glove Forum

From The Jack Spade Lending Library: A Confederacy of Dunces

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
Southern comic masterpiece starring one self-proclaimed genius slacker, the hot dog cart business, an underground pornography ring, and the misfits of 1970s New Orleans.

Map Happy

The U.S. Geological Survey makes intricately detailed maps for Earth scientists, outdoor adventurers, and cartography fans who simply love the way they look. We’re in the latter group. Which is why we’re excited that until June 4th, the USGS store is selling thousands of maps for only $1 each! Zoom in on this selection of our topographic favorites, then go find a few of your own.