StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit project whose mission is to honor and celebrade one another’s lives through listening.

  1. Being Married Is like Having a Colored Television Set
    By Danny & Annie Perasa

  2. Macaroni Stop and Water Go Head
    By Luciani & Alison Purcell

  3. Nice, Beautiful, Caring, Can Be Stubborn
    By Kaitlin Sever & Lynn Lande

  4. The Foundation of All Happiness Is Love
    By Harold Slappy & Monica Esteban

  5. I Do Not Want to Let You into this Room
    By Debbie Fischer

  6. I Will Be 100% Fine if I Know You’re There
    By Kim & Amy Schumer

  7. Hats Were the Law, They Went without Saying
    By Billy Collins & Nancy Cobb

  8. Where’s the Right Finger?
    By Michael Wolmetz & Debora Brakars